Solutions to problems and confusion that may arise

Occasionally you may wonder why your arrangement behaves in a certain way and not in another, or why you don't hear anything or don't hear what you expect. Synfire provides several troubleshooting options and information about the structure of your arrangement.

Report Potential Problems

Use Help > Potential Problems with Arrangement to obtain a report on conspicuous findings collected during the rendering process. If your arrangement behaves in a puzzling way, this report may provide hints where to look for an explanation or solution.

Parameter Hints

Use View > Parameter Hints to display explanatory information in the Parameter View about where a parameter is inherited, paused, empty or otherwise special in a not immediately obvious way.

Console Log

Open the console with Window > Console for possible clues about unexpected events or errors that have occurred.

Online Help

On our website in the Support area, you will find various FAQs and a link to the online version of this manual, which may be more current.