Creating Device Descriptions

Creating a Device Description for your most frequently used sounds is a one-time effort that quickly pays off. Having a device ready to browse for sounds (with all meta-data already set up) will save you a lot of distraction in those moments when your best ideas are coming up.

To obtain a device descriptions for your plug-in or external hardware, you basically have the following options:

If you already have a description you created with an earlier version of a Cognitone software, you can add it to your list with File > Open And Add ....
Download From The Online Repository
On the tab Repository you can browse descriptions other users have uploaded.
Extract From Plug-In
Some plug-ins support this. It is worth a try.
Import from a MIDNAM (XML) File
The user community of Avid ProTools® and Digital Performer® created a collection of MIDNAM files for many synthesizers some time ago. Synfire can import these.
Create One Yourself
Explained in this section in detail.

For synthesizers you tweak on an individual basis per each project anew, you can also do without a device description altogether. Instead you would enter all required meta-data as you go, guided by the Sound Wizard, or in the Instrument Inspector.