Relocating From Engine to DAW


You have a self-contained arrangement with all sounds based on the Audio Engine. You want to continue composing in a DAW using the same sounds and synchronize both programs. The task is to move the sounds over to the DAW (where they are hosted by Drones) and make it a synchronized Synfire + DAW project from now on.

How to Relocate

Step-by-step instructions how to accomplish the task.

  1. Create a new project in your DAW using the same name as the arrangement.

  2. Synchronize your DAW with Synfire as explained here.

  3. For each module on the Arrangement Rack, load a Drone plug-in into the DAW. Don't mix VST, VST3 and AudioUnit Drones. Settle for one format and stick to it for the project. Guest plug-ins may use any format, though.

  4. Visit the Sounds page and for each rack module pick the desired target Drone from the port menu. Synfire will move the plug-in and its current contents over to the Drone and update all affected instruments accordingly.

  5. Repeat the last step until all plug-ins have moved to Drones in the DAW.

  6. Save your Synfire project first, then save the new DAW project. Preferably keep both files in the same folder.

    Now you have a synchronized Synfire + DAW project.

Tip: If you can not hear the Drones playing, you may need to check if the DAW requires tracks to be armed for monitoring in order to render sound output while the transport is idle.
Tip: You can also relocate a project from a DAW back to an Audio Engine. Or from one Audio Engine to another, provided the same plug-ins are available on both computers.
Tip: Always move all plug-ins of an arrangement to the same host, or you will experience timing problems.