Parameter Conversion

Table showing which parameters convert best to other parameters

Parameters are designed to be copied and moved around to allow for unlimited experimentation. When a parameter is dropped on a destination outlet with a different type, its data is converted to that type. For example, if you drop a Figure on a Velocity outlet, the velocity values of the symbols in that figure are extracted.

Only certain conversions make practical sense . These are listed in the table below.

Drag Drop On Conversion
Figure Velocity, Length, Step Extracts velocities, lengths or steps of symbols
Rhythm Estimates a rhythm profile of the figure
Flow Estimates a flow profile from the figure
Dynamics Estimates a dynamics profile from the figure
Sustain Estimates sustain pedal activations from the figure
Take Converts the current output of the phrase to a Take
Controllers Converts the melodic shape of the figure to CC values
Harmony Figure Creates chord segments for each chord change
Take Figure Creates a figure with static pitch symbols
Parameter that resembles a shape or curve Parameter that resembles a shape or curve Converts the shape or curve as best as possible
Container Harmony, Tempo, Scheme Grabs the parameter from the container and inserts it

For the Figure parameter and many others, you can also use the right-click menu on a parameter outlet to do things like Save To Figure, or Extract From Figure, or Extract from Output.

CAUTION: Conversions not listed here are considered experimental and may change in the future.
CAUTION: Note that the opposite direction often makes no sense. For example, dropping Step on a Figure won't apply the steps to the figure.