The Step parameter re-arranges the positions of all symbols in the Figure parameter sequentially from left to right. Results can be dramatic and surprising, as the rhythm of a phrase is altered.

This parameter is always looped. However, if the Figure is not looped, it will be rolled out only once.


The parameter can be edited in Hyper Edit mode.

The parameter supports custom templates. You can save and recall Parameter Templates from its right-click menu or the main Parameter menu.


Drop any non-constant parameter to insert the positions of its values as steps.

Drop a Figure, Take or Output to extract this parameter and insert it here.

Drag this outlet to grab the steps of the current Figure and drop them somewhere else.

Instead of drag and drop, you can also use copy and paste.

Right-click and Extract From MIDI Output to insert what can be derived from the current output.

The parameter can be extracted from the current Figure with right-click menu or Parameter > Extract From Figure.

The parameter can be applied to the current Figure with the right-click menu or Parameter > Save To Figure, which will permanently alter the figure and clear the parameter when done.

Tip: Put a Step parameter in Global Parameters to make all instruments play the exactly same rhythm for the duration of the container.
Tip: Have multiple instruments play the same Figure, but set a different Step for each instrument.
Note: This feature is available with the Express and Pro editions.