Moving Parameters

Copy or move parameters to other instruments, containers, libraries or windows

Parameters can be moved around freely for unlimited experimentation. When a parameter is copied to a destination with a different type, its data is converted automatically to match.

Drag & Drop

  1. Click on a lit Parameter Outlet.
  2. Hold the mouse button and drag it towards the desired destination, which can be another outlet, an instrument, a container, a library or a different window.
  3. Hold the Alt key if you want to make a copy, otherwise it will be moved.
  4. Drop it over the destination by releasing the mouse button.

Copy & Paste

Alternatively you can use the keyboard.

  1. Click on a lit Parameter Outlet.
  2. Press ⌘C Control-C.
  3. Click on a destination outlet.
  4. Press ⌘V Control-V to paste the data.
  5. Or use the Right-Click menu to copy and paste.