Mapping the entirety of all parameters to MIDI output

Since almost everything in Music Prototyping is parametric and dynamic, Synfire can produce MIDI output only after all parameters in all containers have been considered. This process is called Rendering, during which multiple conflicts can arise that need to be solved.

In order to stay within the Playing Ranges of the Instrument while retaining melodic movements and following a voice leading strategy, it is often required to break down notes and melodies into smaller units that still sound similar to the original. You can influence this process by configuring the Interpretation parameter.

Parameter Routing

Parameters influence each other in a particular way, which is illustrated in the diagram below. There are symbolic parameters that control music composition at a higher level and physical parameters that mostly manipulate MIDI output at a later stage of the rendering process.

The logic behind parameters is more complex than the diagram might suggest, but the overall sequence of computation lined out here may help you understand what happens when you edit a particular parameter's data.


Every time you changed something and press Play, the entire track of the instrument is rendered anew from scratch. This can be time consuming and therefore doesn't lend itself well to the real-time interactivity you may be used to from a DAW.

Important: Altering an already running playback does not immediately influence output. It needs to be restarted to reflect any changes you made.