Collections of phrases and parameters, the building blocks for arrangements

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A Library is a collection of Phrase Pools, each of which contains one or more Phrases populated with Parameters.

All sorts of phrases and parameters, be they imported, sketched, recorded or generated, can be collected in a library and organized in folders. The point is to have these ready for reuse by conveniently dropping them on any destination in an arrangement.

Phrase Pools

A Phrase Pool (short: Pool) contains one or more Phrases that are deemed variations of a musical expression. The properties of a pool are shared by all its phrases.

Since these properties are shared by all phrases, you cannot have phrases in the same pool that would have different sounds or interpretation settings for that matter.

Phrase Pools can be locked, which protects them against accidental modification.

Editing Libraries

The folders, pools and phrases in a library can be easily reorganized with drag & drop. You can move or copy all items between multiple open libraries.

Library Sounds

With Synfire Pro, a library can have its own rack of sounds, just like an arrangement. This allows you to collect phrases along with their originally intended sounds. When you drop such a phrase onto a track, Synfire will ask you whether you also want to copy the original rack module to the arrangement rack. This greatly simplifies the task of building an arrangement from scratch.