Small containers for live performance and improvisation

Snippets are containers placed on a grid that is designed for live performance and improvisation. The grid's rows each present a Snippet Group.

Snippets can be started and stopped individually, although only one snippet per group can play at a time. This makes each group a set of alternative musical expressions (any parameters actually), ready for you to be scheduled live and in real-time.

A snippet grid can be created automatically from an arrangement, by collecting existing phrases from containers. A life performance can be retroactively converted into an arrangement.

Tip: Although a snippet can contain phrases for any number of instruments, you may want to arrange your first grid such that every group is for one particular Instrument, while the first group is reserved for Harmony parameters.
Important: Tempo and Scheme are global for all snippets and the root container of your arrangement. When you change either parameter, it affects all snippets and the root container of your arrangement alike. It is currently not possible to have snippets with different time signatures or tempos.
Note: This feature is available with the Express and Pro editions.