The components music is rendered from

Parameters are somewhat like automation lanes in a DAW, although their various shapes and functions go far beyond that. Each parameter has a distinctive look and takes on a specific role in the process of rendering music output.

Figure and Harmony are the most visible and influential parameters, but there are many more. Some add subtle variation and expression. Others radically transform your music into something else. Find an extensive list of all parameters in the Encyclopedia of Parameters.

Note: Parameters are filled with Vector data that you can view and edit. To keep things simple, we don't formally distinguish between a parameter and the data it is filled with and rather use the term Parameter for both.


Unless looping has been turned off with Parameter > Repeat, the parameters of a Phrase repeat independently of each other for the duration of the Container they are in. Thus their influence may evolve separately over time. For instance, a short Figure may be accompanied by a long and evolving Velocity parameter.

Containers themselves can't loop, but by resizing them, the phrases inside will loop for that duration.