Export From Drone

If you are working with Drones, you can drag a Drone's current MIDI content and drop it on a DAW track.

  1. From the arrange window, do File > Export > Export MIDI From Drones to DAW. This transmit the entire composition to all Drones. If you just saved the arrangement to disk, you need not do this.

  2. Switch to the DAW and open the Drone you want to export from.

  3. Drag the big rectangle in the left corner and drop it on the desired MIDI region in the DAW.

  4. The drone switches to Play DAW mode after this. This means it no longer plays any music rendered by Synfire, but instead takes its input from the DAW track now. You can alter this mode on the Rack Module that controls the Drone.

  5. Done.

Note: Be sure to drop exported MIDI data at the exact position that corresponds to where the song starts in Synfire. Otherwise playback will be out of sync.