Export SMF

Exporting in Standard MIDI File format (SMF) lets you send the finished composition or parts of it to a DAW or notation program. You have the option to export an arrangement as a whole, or only parts of it as outlined below.

Export Arrangement

Use File > Export > Standard MIDI File ... to begin an export of the whole arrangement.

Export Container

Use Container > Export > Standard MIDI File ... to begin an export of the selected container.

Export Track

To export an entire track's worth of MIDI output, you can either drag & drop the phrase in the root container, or drag & drop from a Drone's user interface inside the DAW.

Export Phrase

Single phrases can be exported with drag & drop only. Your last used export settings will apply.


On the file dialog window that pops up, you can make a few settings to control what exactly is written to the exported file.

Program Changes
Add a MIDI program change messages to each track, if the sound has one.
Controller Reset
Add a message to reset all MIDI controllers to default values at the beginning of each track.
Insert a measure of pause at the beginning in order to leave sufficient room for MIDI controllers and program change messages to settle.
General MIDI
Use GM-compatible program change messages for each sound, corresponding to its Category.
Optimize For Notation
Quantize note positions and lengths and close small gaps between notes. This may improve import into a notation program.
Global Key
Estimate and write a single global key at the beginning, instead of writing multiple key changes to the file.
Export chord names as text elements.
Container Structure
Export container names as text elements.
Tip: Synfire remembers these settings, so when you do a drag & drop export next time, they will be used.