Reusing Containers

If you want to reuse a container of another arrangement (source) in your current project (target), this requires a bit of caution. Both arrangements may not have much in common, which prohibits a simple drag & drop. The following points need to be considered.
  1. Transfer each phrase with copy & paste or drag & drop from the source to the target. If an instrument is yet missing, drop the phrase on the empty area or between the tracks of the Track Sheet.

  2. Both arrangements may use different sounds. When you drop a phrase, Synfire will ask you whether to also copy the sound to the target arrangement, or use a different sound.

  3. The source may be influenced by inherited parameters that are not present in the target. This is not a problem, but you should brace for possibly different results.

  4. The source may have child containers. You need to recreate them in the target before you copy their phrases. Note that if those children are aliases, you must copy the phrases of their originals.

  5. Check whether the source has Global Parameters that you are not aware of.

While you are doing this transfer, you may find yourself motivated by new ideas that lead to different results than you originally envisioned. Don't worry. If your goal was to exactly replicate the original, you could have as well edited a copy of it.