Fitting Music Between Cue Markers

Using the Time parameter to fit music between cue markers.

How to adjust the tempo of a musical passage automatically in order to have it fit between two events in a film.

  1. Select a cue marker in the Time parameter.

  2. Select a position on the time ruler.

  3. Press the button Match with Ruler. Synfire changes Tempo such that your selected position on the time ruler exactly matches the absolute time denoted by the cue marker.

Note: This method is only useful within certain limits, because Synfire assumes a tempo outside the range of 30 to 300 does not make sense. Instead of extreme values for Tempo, you should insert or delete a number of measures (bars) in order to get closer to the desired duration before doing this match.

Finding Ideal Tempo

By selecting both parameters Tempo and Time at the same time, you can watch the cue markers move relatively to the music while you change the value for Tempo.

This way you can adjust the tempo such that events in the film roughly meet with corresponding positions in the music, before you begin using the matching method explained above.

Note: This feature is available with the Pro edition.