How to make a physical copy of an inherited or default parameter

Parameter data set in one container is also available in its child containers. Where parameter data is set, the Parameter Outlet is fully lit (bright), while in sub containers the outlet is only partially lit (dimmed). If you want to modify inherited parameter data, you need to make a Snapshot of it first.

  1. Select the desired parameter outlet.
  2. Right-click on it and choose Insert Snapshot Of Parameter from the menu, or press ⌥⌘S Control-Alt-S.
  3. Alternatively you can use the button on the nearby toolbar.
  4. A (partial) copy of the inherited data is inserted.
Tip: If you want to modify only a small portion of inherited parameter data, you can insert a sub container spanning the desired range and make a snapshot of the parameter in there. This will keep the rest of the parameter untouched.

Container Snapshots

Container > Make Snapshot collapses and removes all sub containers and makes snapshots of all inherited parameters for all instruments. Not unlike bounce-to-disk in a DAW, it is a way to consolidate nested containers into something more simple and lean.

Be aware though, that some parameters like Interpretation or Scheme are constants within a container. Their value can't change. Any changes with these parameters in sub containers will be lost after a snapshot.