The term Metric Scheme (short: Scheme) refers to a combination of time signature and verse metrics. It breaks down the continuous stream of time into rows of a certain number of measures. This adds 'line breaks' to a Progression that correspond to the verse structure of a song.

Scheme is conveniently set by picking a time signature from the preset menu. Verse metrics can be altered on the Scheme tab on the Progression page. When you assign a new time signature, previously existing verse metrics are reset to defaults.


Internally, a Scheme is associated with every Progression in order to remember its intended time signature and verse metrics. The scheme of a progression however is superseded by the current Scheme of the container you put it in.


These settings provide hints for future interpretation, but are not currently used.

Half Time
Only every other beat is emphasized, resulting for a slower feel.
Straight vs. Swing
Whether rhythm is suggested to have a swing factor.


The parameter is Global and thus influences all instruments in the container.

The parameter is Constant. It takes effect for the entire duration of a Container. If you need to change it in the middle of a container, insert a child container and modify the parameter there.


Drop a Container or Snippet on this outlet to extract the parameter.

Instead of drag and drop, you can also use copy and paste.