Database of interval structures: The foundation of Synfire's knowledge

The Catalog of Keys, Scales And Chords (short: Catalog) defines the names, interval structures and other meta-data of all chords and scales known to Synfire. It is at the heart of the AI knowledge base and thus has significant influence not only on the choice of chords and scales, but also on dynamic scale selection and palette layouts.

You can customize the catalog to your style and preference. You are even free to develop your own system of harmony, if you like. For example, based on the twelve-tone system.

Open the Catalog App anywhere from the menu (Edit > Catalog of Chords And Scales).

Types of interval structure defined in the Catalog:

  1. Chords
  2. Vertical Scales
  3. Horizontal Scales
  4. Scale Sets

Some scales may take on both a vertical and a horizontal role. Traditionally, different names are used for practically equal scales according to their role, for example the natural-minor horizontal scale is referred to as aeolian when used as a vertical scale.

Note: This feature is available with the Express and Pro editions.

File Attachments

When an arrangement, palette or library is saved to disk, all the Catalog items it uses are saved as an attachment together with the file. When a file is opened, any items not currently in the user's Catalog will be added temporarily so the file can work. Consequently, otherwise familiar chords may show up with different names in palettes and progressions, if your current Catalog happens to include an exotic harmony system.

Note: Your current Catalog always supersedes any items loaded from file attachments. That is, only if an interval structure is not currently known in your Catalog, it will be added temporarily to make the file work.