Global Rack

Shared sounds for palette surfing, progression preview and arrangements

The sounds provided by a Global Rack are loaded only once and remain available for any projects you subsequently open. Much like a real hardware rack in a studio that provides sounds for multiple songs you might want to produce. This is especially handy when you open multiple related arrangements at the same time, while you edit and play them in any order and transfer phrases with drag and drop.

Most importantly, the global rack provides six Global Instruments with sounds that are used to play Palettes and preview Progressions and Phrases, including the metronome and other audible feedback.

Maintaining multiple global racks has many benefits.

  • Switch between musical styles.
  • Compose a number of related arrangements based on the same sounds (e.g. a film soundtrack).
  • Experiment with different versions of an Arrangement without the need to reload sounds.

The rack is a file you can open, save or close like other documents. You can create as many global racks you want and use them in association with Arrangements or Libraries as needed. However, only a single global rack can be open at a time.

Organizing Global Racks

The current global rack is saved automatically when Synfire is quit, unless you discard the changes. If you work with multiple global racks, save them to the Config/Racks folder with File > Save As ....

Associating a Global Rack With an Arrangement

Synfire associates the current global rack with a new arrangement by default. That is, you will be asked whether to load the rack when you open the arrangement. If you associate multiple arrangements with a specific global rack, save it in the same folder next to the arrangement with File > Save As ....