Instruments interpret phrases to render MIDI output.

An Instrument interprets the Parameters of a Phrase to render MIDI output, taking care of its Playing Ranges, Category and other properties. Consequently, if you alter the properties of an instrument, this will almost certainly alter MIDI output.

The properties of an Instrument include

Instruments show up in an Arrangement as labeled Tracks or as strips on a Matrix Console. There are also Global Instruments (and invisible instruments) at work, when you surf a Palette, preview a Progression or browse a Library.

Note: Instruments are used over the course of an entire arrangement. Changing the sound midway is not supported. Create a new instrument for every sound you want to use.

Multiple Voices

Multiple tracks may use the same Sound for the purpose of separating voices. Technically, these are separate Instruments, although musically you would consider them separate voices. For example, you can add two instruments for the left and right hand of a piano part, or four instruments for the individual voices of a counterpoint part. These instruments will use different Playing Ranges, Interpretation settings and other parameters, so you can control the rendering of each individual voice.