Recording Parameters

Instead of recording a Figure, you can also record many other parameters. For example, you may want to record MIDI controllers, Velocity, Step or Rhythm by tapping them on your external MIDI keyboard. The record button is grayed out if the currently selected parameter doesn't support recording.

  1. Select the desired parameter.
  2. Press on the transport bar and tap your performance on the external MIDI keyboard or move a controller.
  3. Check the result in the Parameter View of the phrase. You may need to make Parameter Views follow parameter selection in order to see it: Click above the Parameter Block.
Note: Parameter recording also works in Hyper Edit mode, so you can alter the rhythm and dynamics of a phrase by recording Velocity, Step, Length respectively.

Recording Harmony

Although Synfire can detect chords from live MIDI input, it is fundamentally difficult to determine proper chord names without context. Thus, you will get much better results if you simply record what you are playing live on a Palette.

  1. Open one or more Palettes.
  2. Select a suitable Sketch or choose Chords-Only mode.
  3. Select the parameter Harmony.
  4. Press the parameter record button on the transport bar.
  5. Play chords on the palette or multiple palettes. Synfire adds all chords with full harmonic context to the progression until you stop the recording.

You can start the recording anywhere you choose (Selective Recording). You could even record in multiple windows at the same time.