The Rhythm parameter modulates note positions and velocities according to a rhythmic profile. It is relatively similar to what is known as 'groove quantization' with some DAWs and sequencers.

Unlike the Step parameter, note positions and velocities are altered only gradually. This parameter exerts a certain feel of rhythm rather than doing a strict quantization.

A label that might be useful if save a rhythm profile as a template.
Rhythm is usually a short loop of 1m or 2m length. The thumbnail illustrates the effect it has on note positions and dynamics.
Tip: Assign a Rhythm to the Global Parameters of a Container to have all instruments play the same groove.


The parameter supports custom templates. You can save and recall Parameter Templates from its right-click menu or the main Parameter menu.


Drop a Figure on this Outlet to analyze its rhythmic structure and insert a rhythm profile.

Drop a Figure, Take or Output to extract this parameter and insert it here.

Drag this outlet to estimate a rhythm profile for the current Figure and drop it somewhere else.

Instead of drag and drop, you can also use copy and paste.

Right-click and Extract From MIDI Output to estimate a rhythm profile from current output.