Snippets Page

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The Snippets View is home to Snippet Groups, each of which provides multiple slots for Snippets. You can populate these slots simply by dropping Phrases.

Learn more about Snippets.


Navigate back to the set of snippets you had playing before.
Schedules all currently playing snippets to be stopped next time you press the launch button. Use this when you want to schedule an entirely new set of snippets from scratch.
Schedule a random selection of snippets to play next. Hold down Shift to keep the current Harmony unchanged.
Launches all armed snippets. If you want to start or stop multiple snippets in synch, arm them with a right-click on their play icon first and then click this button to execute the changes at the same time.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
Memories holding the current state of playback. Right-click to save, left-click to recall. Hold down Shift to exclude Harmony from the recall.
Right-click while holding Control to clear a memory slot.
Drag a memory button to a container on the Structure page to insert it into your arrangement.
Drag a memory button to a library to save its phrases and current playback state.
Drop a memory button from a library to restore its previous playback state. This is only useful for short term backups though, as snippets that have been deleted will not be restored automatically. You restore snippets manually by dropping the individual phrases on the snippet grid.
Rearrange memory buttons with the mouse. Their values are swapped.
Harmony (Outlet)
Drop a Harmony parameter here to use as the default chord progression when no currently playing snippet provides one.
Grid Size
Shrink or enlarge the grid.
Change orientation of the grid.
Options Menu:
  • Single-Phrase Snippets Only: Enable this mode if you want all groups to play a single instrument only. Groups won't accept containers anymore and Synfire will less frequently ask you questions what to do when you dropped something on a slot.

  • Make Snippets From Arrangement: Collect phrases from all containers and create a snippet for each.
  • Make Arrangement From Last Session: Assemble a new arrangement from the playback you just stopped.
  • Mark/Unmark Used Snippets: Earmarks all snippets that are currently used by any memory slot. Helps you make room for new content without accidentally deleting important snippets.

  • Profiles: All current probabilities can be saved in a profile or appended to an existing profile. Probabilities are associated according to the respective category of an instrument.

  • Clear Snippets: Delete all snippets.


The transport buttons on this page operate live snippets playback exclusively. If you want to start or stop the current arrangement, you need to switch to the Structure page.

The play button starts or continues live snippet playback. You won't hear anything until at least one snippet is scheduled for playback.
The stop button pauses current live playback. Clicking the stop button again clears all currently scheduled snippets so you can start over from scratch.


The console on the Snippets page controls the live mix to some extent, provided your plug-ins respond to the respective MIDI controllers.

Note: This feature is available with the Express and Pro editions.