Custom Controllers

Synfire allows for up to eight user-defined MIDI controllers (CC) to be defined. Custom Controllers show up in the user interface as Parameters.

Label of the controller as it shows up in Parameter Outlets. Leave this blank to inherit the parent controller definition (see: Inheritance). Controllers without a name are not used.
Controller Number
Pick any of the 127 MIDI CC numbers.
Default Value
This value is sent when the instrument is selected or reset.
Sends the default value every time a new playback starts.
Transmit a series of controller values to the currently edited instrument. Watch the instrument for incoming MIDI data to verify your settings.
Some standard controllers can also get a default value assigned. For this they need to be enabled.
Copy To Sound
See section below.


Custom Controllers can be defined per Device, per Sound and per Instrument. And they are inherited in that order: A controller defined for a Device is automatically available to all its Sounds, which in turn is available to all Instruments that are using the sound. An individual sound or instrument may add to or override the inherited definitions.

This inheritance is accessible through tabs on the configuration dialog.

Copy To Sound

When this switch is enabled while you are editing the settings of an Instrument, the settings will also be written through to the Sound where they are saved permanently along with the Device Description. This is useful if you want to preserve your incremental edits for later reuse by saving a Rack Module Preset later on.

Note: This feature is available with the Express and Pro editions.