All phrases for an instrument, spanning the entire arrangement

Tracks, like in a DAW, actually don't exist. There is no such thing like a track that spans the entire song. Instead, Containers are used to place Phrases for one or more Instruments anywhere on the timeline. Since containers can be nested to build an evolving structure, it is not immediately obvious what's ultimately rendered for each instrument.

Nevertheless, the entirety of phrases for an instrument over the course of an arrangement can be considered a virtual Track. On the Overview page, you can see the final output that your container structure ultimately renders for each track. This map aids you with navigating your arrangement in a way you are familiar with from your DAW.

DANGER: Keep phrases short! Never use a single phrase as if it were a long track spanning the song. Don't scroll back and forth in a huge Figure. Put multiple short phrases in movable Containers instead.
Important: Rule of thumb: When you want something to start in the middle of a container, insert a child container at that position. Don't insert blank space at the beginning of a Figure only to make it start at a later time, unless you really want all loops to include this long pause at every turn.