Sketch App

Editing real-time sketches

This is basically a very limited arrangement window for editing a Sketch.

Note: This feature is available with the Express and Pro editions.

Standalone Editor

Open a new Sketch App with File > New > Sketch or open any existing Sketch with File > Open ....

Editing The Current Sketch

With Playback > Edit Current Sketch a Sketch App opens on the currently active real-time Sketch in dialog mode. Pressing the button OK saves the Sketch back to the Playback menu.

Adding Sketches To The Playback Menu

Save a Sketch with File > Save As ... to the Sketches folder inside the Config folder. It will automatically appear in the menu after restarting Synfire.

Converting a Sketch To an Arrangement

If you happen to like a particular Sketch and want to use as a starting point to build an arrangement, you can convert it with File > Convert > Open As Arrangement.