Palette App

The standalone editor and panel for multi-palette surfing

Video Tutorial

Although a Palette page is integrated with an arrangement window, you may want to open additional palettes to explore the relationships of multiple keys, or compose a key change.

Open a new standalone Palette window with File > New > Palette, or double-click on a key in the Circle Of Fifths.

Note: This feature is available with the Express and Pro editions.
Synfire comes with a collection of example palettes for various purposes. You find them with File > Open Examples ....
Tack the window to the desktop to always stay on top of other windows. This is handy if you want to drag chords to another window.
Open the Notepad, which is a small Harmony Lane for collecting chords. This lane is however not linked to any arrangement.
Harmony (Outlet)
Drag the Notepad progression off to any destination, or drop a progression from elsewhere.
Record the chords you play on all palettes into the Notepad.