Parameter Inspector

The multi-purpose sidebar on the right

This part shows up on several pages on the right sidebar. It can be hidden with on the window toolbar if you need more room for other views. Despite its name, it does not only allow for the inspection of parameters, but also provides a place for editing the selected Instrument and other aspects of an Arrangement, Sketch or Library.


These are the tabs showing up in the Arrange App.

Parameter: Shows a parameter-specific inspector depending on the parameter currently selected. Go here to edit the parameter.

Instrument: Shows an inspector to edit the Sound and properties of the selected Instrument.

Container: Shows a form to edit the current container's name, length, comments and other properties.
Notation: Edit Notation Export preferences for the instrument. Select the Global Track to edit general export settings for all instruments.
Synchronization: Edit preferences for external synchronization with a DAW or other software.

Parameter Commands

Listen to an audible preview of the selected parameter. Some parameters don't support this.
Insert a physical snapshot of the selected parameter.
Remove the selected parameter from the phrase.
Insert a predefined Parameter Template from a menu.
Open the Parameter menu for various editing options.