Scale Selection Preferences

Synfire automatically selects suitable scales for a Harmonic Context if only a chord is known so far, or when a new estimation of keys and scales is requested. This selection is guided by the built-in knowledge base and your Scale Selection Preferences.

The global defaults for these settings can be found at Edit > Preferences ... > Scale Selection. These are copied into new documents (Arrangements, Palettes, Progressions) where you can edit them on the Scale Selection tab on the Parameter Inspector for Harmony.

Prefer Standard Modes
Favor traditional major and minor modes over other scales. Facilitates a more customary sound even with alternative palettes. If you want to exploit the full tonal richness of an alternative palette, you should turn this off.
Include Horizontal Scale Variants
Allow Synfire to extend a Scale Set with known variants of a scale dynamically as needed. For example, hungarian-minor is considered a member of a standard minor palette in this operating mode.
Include Alternative Scale Sets
Consider dynamically generated Scale Sets as alternatives for traditional Scale Sets (keys). This augments the number of available scales.
Create ad-hoc Horizontal Scales
Enable Synfire to dynamically generate new horizontal scales as needed. Disable only if you want to stick to traditional harmony rather strictly.
Smooth Transitions
Minimize pitch leaps when moving from one scale to the next. Scales with many tones in common are then favored. When disabled, you will get more contrasting changes.