Factory Tab

Switch to this page if you want to generate random phrases from scratch, using one of several KIM Factories, or generate new variations of existing phrases that have been generated previously.

Select a Factory from the pop-up menus in order to generate new Phrases, or select an already generated phrase to recall its original factory settings. Every generated phrase is basically a new Factory, of which you can generate more variations, or alter its settings and spawn off a new series of different phrases.

Select from this pop-up menu a KIM Bundle of factories.
Select from this pop-up menu a KIM Factory from the current bundle.
Factory User Interface
Each Factory has a distinct user interface that reflects its structure. Think of it as a pre-wired modular synthesizer. Navigate the structure of the Factory using the tabs.
Tip: Open the Help Browser for information on each Factory.
Generates a new phrase based on the current settings. The generated phrase is added to the current pool in the library. When you switch to the Structure page (or any other page), you will find it on the Phrase Library Sidebar, where you can drag it to anywhere you want to use it.
Marks a phrase as a favorite. With Pool > Keep Only Favorites you can eventually cleanup a pool to only retain the phrases you marked this way.
Deletes the currently selected phrase.
Important: Every generated phrase retains the settings used to generate it, so you can return to it later and continue to spawn off new variations. A carefully configured generated phrase therefore is a new Factory in its own right.
Tip: You can edit a generated phrase in any way you choose. For example, you can transpose melodies or delete symbols to make more room for other instruments.
Note: This feature is available with the Pro edition.