Palette Page

Video Tutorial

A Palette with all bells and whistles helps you explore chords, scales and keys and their relationships, while you edit the Harmony parameter of the currently selected Container.

At the top of the page, the name of the current Container is indicated. Right-click on it or click-and-hold to select a different container.
The Harmony Lane on top of the palette shows the Harmony parameter of the currently selected Container.
Drop any chords from the palette to edit the progression.
Double-click into the progression to jump to the Progression page so you can edit it in more detail.
Drag the current progression from this Parameter Outlet to any place you want to use it. You can drop it on the embedded library on the left sidebar, for example.
Drop a progression from anywhere else to assign it to the current container.
Select this outlet and edit its contents with keyboard commands Cut, Copy or Paste.
These menus are the same as found on the standalone Palette App.
Open a different palette layout with Palette > Open ... found on the left sidebar.
For more information see: Palette App.