Phrase Pool Editor

The Phrases contained in the selected Phrase Pool are listed on top of the page. Click on any phrase to select it and load it into the editor.

The pages Editor, Harmonizer and Figure Recognition exist for your convenience, each providing a focus on a specific task that is involved with editing a pool. Under Factory you can generate new phrases.

Preview (Outlet)
Drop any Harmony here to make it the Preview Progression of the pool. It will be used to play all phrases, unless a phrase comes with its own Harmony parameter.
Pick a template from the right-click menu.
Preview the selected phrase using the Preview Progression of its pool, or its own Harmony parameter, if one is present.


Show the Parameter Inspector for the selected parameter. Alternatively, double-click on a parameter outlet.
Edit meta data and properties of the selected phrase.
Any name you find helpful.
Estimated value for sorting phrases by the number of notes in them per measure.
Master Take
Marks the phrase as a resource that was obtained from import or recording. Such a phrase is usually very long and the actual phrases of the pool get extracted out of it by splitting it into pieces.
Default Phrase (Preview)
Play this phrase when a pool is selected as a whole in the library browser.
Mark the phrase as a favorite. You can later delete all other phrases in one go with Pool > Keep Only Favorites.
This is a suggestion what role the phrase might typically take.
  1. Opening: Good as an intro for building up tension.

  2. Loop: Good for being repeated over and over, like a riff.

  3. Bridge: Good for bridging two parts, introducing a change.

  4. Closing: Good for bringing a part to a close.

  5. Temporary: To be honest, this is a pretty useless item that I should be beaten to.