Global Instruments Page

On this page you configure the six Global Instruments. This configuration is saved as part of the Global Rack file.

Selection & Configuration

Select an instrument and edit its configuration on the front panel and on the sidebar. Hit the space bar to render a preview phrase with the selected instrument.

Rack Module Menu
Select the global rack module that provides the sound for the instrument.
Open the Sound Wizard to search for or create a rack module, device and sound for the instrument.
Status Indicator
The square is lit to indicate the instrument's current status.
  1. Green: Sound is online and ready.

  2. Orange: Desired sound could not be found. A replacement is currently used.

  3. Red: Desired sound could not be found and neither a replacement.

Preview the instrument with a phrase suitable for its Category.
Volume, Pan
These are defaults when the instrument is used for global tasks. If an arrangement references a global instrument, the arrangement may have its own Volume or Pan parameters in place. Click on the small X to clear the assignment.

Playing Ranges

Reset to Defaults
Open this pop-up menu and select a preferred device to provide default sounds for all instruments. This works best with GM compatible devices or devices that have categories assigned to all sounds.
Select and adjust Playing Ranges as explained here.