Editing Playing Ranges

Adjust the Playing Ranges of a Sound or Instrument. The Arrange App uses this vertically arranged inspector. A horizontal variant of this inspector is used everywhere else.

Modify Ranges

Drag the edges of the blue Range to expand or shrink the range. Or click while holding Shift.

Drag the green Typical Pitch to best possible sound. Or click while holding the Alt key to set a particular note.


Accept the default ranges of the Sound as specified in its Device Description.
Scan ranges automatically by probing audio output of the plug-in. Assign a category first.
Learn the range by tapping on your MIDI keyboard the lowest and the highest note.

Play the preview phrase of the associated Category.

Lower Range. Used for bass symbols by default.
Middle Range. Used for chord symbols and both scale symbols by default.
Upper Range. Used only where you assign it to Figure segments.

Options Menu

Cut, Copy, Paste
Use these to copy the playing ranges between any instruments or sounds.
Copy Ranges From Sound
Copy the ranges from the sound to the instrument. Basically does the same as the link icon on the toolbar.
Copy Ranges To Sound
Copy the current ranges of the instrument to its selected sound. This is useful when you want to permanently save the current ranges with the device description for later reuse.
Distribute Ranges Like ...
Scale the ranges proportionally to the playing ranges of a Category.
Distribute Ranges Equally
Divide the current total pitch range into three equal parts.
Same Extremes For All Ranges
Make all three ranges span the total pitch range and retain their Typical Pitch.